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 Roadmap to Losing Weight and Staying Healthy

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Trisha L

First Name: : Trisha
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PostSubject: Roadmap to Losing Weight and Staying Healthy   Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:04 pm

Debbie Johnson, author of "Think Yourself Thin: The Visualization Technique that will make you lose weight without diet or exercise" recommends the following steps to lose weight and to stay "thin." It provides a great roadmap.

Use the unconscious to Push You forward

When you consciously control your thoughts, you can change your self-image and body. What do you want to achieve? Imagine it constantly. Pretend like a child that it is true now.

Accept and Love Yourself Just as You are Now

Write down your five best qualities and read them whenever you feel your self-image is waning.

Focus on Your Key Image (Remember to Relax)

Write down your key image for thinking thin. Focus on it daily.
Repeat your Key Phrases as much as Possible. Examples of key phrases:

"I am happy; healthy, and slim!"
"People are beginning to notice my new slim body."
"I love my new slender, graceful figure!"
"The more I think thin, the more I eat, exercise, and am thin."
"Every single thing I eat makes my body beautiful and slim."

Make a personal tape recording of your key image and phrase. Listen to it right before you go to sleep, in your car, or when relaxing.

Believe Only What Your Images Inside Convey to You

No matter what your outer circumstances may convey, you will become thin by believing that you are thin now. It has been proven over and over again that what you are imagining right now will be what your life gives you in the future. Do whatever it takes to convince the mind. Every cell in your body reacts to your thoughts. How do you want them to respond?

Be Grateful for Every Single Bit of Progress You make

Write love notes to God, or just say thank you inside for the progress you have made just by putting the effort forth with love. Accept every compliment as true. You will see results by doing so.

Remember Who You Are-and Have a Ball With This!

You are a glowing, loving being called Soul. No matter what happens, you have become a brighter light already, just by recognizing your own sovereignty over the mind, emotions, and physical self!

Make thinking thin as fun as you can, and you will automatically be operating from the highest perspective, that of Soul. The joyful, playful, childlike state will bring you best results. Play at imagining your key images as if it were a simple game. See how far you can go. You may be very surprised!

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PostSubject: Re: Roadmap to Losing Weight and Staying Healthy   Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:55 pm

Thanks for sharing this!! It has some good ideas!
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Roadmap to Losing Weight and Staying Healthy
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