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 My survey :D

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First Name: : Nicole
Age : 30
Hero's Name : Ronnie
Branch : Navy
Number of posts : 35
Anniversary : 12/29/07
Registration date : 2010-09-23

PostSubject: My survey :D   Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:27 pm

girrrrl, what's your name?:Nicole
on what day did you grace the earth?: 10/17
bat those eyes (color?):brown very dark brown
flip that hair (color?):Dark brown but light during the summer
how tall is ya?: 5'1 1/2 i know im a shorty
righty or lefty?:rightyyyyy

what's the boy's name?Ronnie
when's your anniversary?12/29
where'd you meet?online thru a friend
where do you live? Cali
where are you from? Cali born and raised
do y'all have any kids? no
got any furbabies runnin' around? no

Everybody Loves Consumerism
what's your favorite piece of jewelry? heart necklace my love gave me for my birthday in 07.
what's your biggest guilty pleasure? anything cheesy haha.
coke or pepsi?mmm neither
how many pairs of shoes do you own? like 6
your favorite pizza topping?extra cheese and jalapenos
chocolate or vanilla?vanilla
coffee or tea?tea
CDs or mp3s?Mp3's
movie theater or netflix?both

random time
what's your biggest weakness?:omg im not sure lol
your largest fear?:heights
what's one thing you'd like to achieve this year for yourself (not for you and your so):just lose a few pounds and find the most perfect gift for my man's bday.
what's your least favorite house chore? folding laundry
what's your favorite food?mexican
your least favorite?not sure haha
what's your favorite alcoholic drink?madori sour
non-alcoholic?strawberry lemonade
favorite movie? She's all that
favorite tv show?army wives/greys anatomy
favorite sports team?Lakers!
favorite color?hot pink
your favorite feature?my behind haha
favorite thing about your SO?whats SO?
your favorite thing about your life?my baby,family and friends. I'm blessed
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First Name: : Erika
Age : 30
Location : New Mexico
Hero's Name : Ryland
Branch : Army National Guard
Number of posts : 36
Anniversary : march 7th
Registration date : 2010-09-22

PostSubject: Re: My survey :D   Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:49 am

haha laundry is my least fav too!!! i really hate matching socks tho Sad and PINK totally rocks
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Number of posts : 1538
Registration date : 2010-02-19

PostSubject: Re: My survey :D   Fri Sep 24, 2010 1:49 pm

I'm with you.... I hate folding laundry!
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First Name: : Beth
Age : 32
Location : Fort Riley Kansas
Hero's Name : Dustin
Branch : Army
Number of posts : 3496
Anniversary : 9-17-09
Registration date : 2010-02-21

PostSubject: Re: My survey :D   Sat Sep 25, 2010 4:48 am

I like hot pink too!!
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PostSubject: Re: My survey :D   

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My survey :D
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