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 my survey answers ^_^

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First Name: : Nicci
Age : 30
Location : IL, USA
Hero's Name : Adam/Gibby
Branch : IL National Guard
Number of posts : 55
Anniversary : October 22, 2008
Registration date : 2010-02-19

PostSubject: my survey answers ^_^   Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:17 pm

girrrrl, what's your name?: Nicci
on what day did you grace the earth?: November 8, 1988
bat those eyes (color?): Green
flip that hair (color?): Light Brown
how tall is ya?: 4'11 ft tall
righty or lefty?: Right handed

what's the boy's name? Adam nickname Gibby
when's your anniversary? Stated dating November 26, 2006 Got married October 22, 2008
where'd you meet? High school, was in 11th grade
where do you live? IL
where are you from? Grand Rapids, MI
do y'all have any kids? (if so, what are their names/ages)? None
got any furbabies runnin' around? 2 cats, 1 Dog. kitties name are Lily and Luna both are 3 years old. (they are sisters) then Faith less then a year old lab.

Everybody Loves Consumerism
what's your favorite piece of jewelry? my heart necklace that gibby got me while he was oversea's
what's your biggest guilty pleasure? Soda
coke or pepsi? Coke
how many pairs of shoes do you own? 3-4
your favorite pizza topping? Cheese and Mushrooms
chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla
coffee or tea? Tea
CDs or mp3s? Both
movie theater or netflix? movie theater, never has gotten the chance to use netflix

random time
what's your biggest weakness?: My cats, they are my babies
your largest fear?: not getting my college degree
what's one thing you'd like to achieve this year for yourself (not for you and your so): Getting to go back to school in the fall
what's your least favorite house chore? dishes
what's your favorite food? Asian (japanese, korean, chinese, etc u name it i like it)
your least favorite? Greek
what's your favorite alcoholic drink? I dont drink really
non-alcoholic? Apple Juice
favorite movie? harry potter, Ps: I love you
favorite tv show? Sailor Moon, Avatar the last air bender, Case closed (anime)
favorite sports team? don't have one, gibby is a bear's fan through
favorite color? i got 3, Blue, White, Pink
your favorite feature? Eyes, Smile
favorite thing about your SO? He makes me laugh and keeps me safe
your favorite thing about your life? being with my gibby and my cats
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my survey answers ^_^
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